Three examinations are required of all applicants: Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) and the Inmate Disciplinary Report Written Exam (IDR). Applicants must meet the minimum standards on each examination to be eligible for hire. Upon completion of these examinations, an oral interview is conducted with each applicant. Applicants have the opportunity to earn up to a total of 100 screening points and are placed on eligibility lists in rank order. Institutions hire applicants based on scores.

Weighted values are assigned to each of the following dimensions based on its relationship to successful job performance.

Weight Assigned Point Range
TABE Test Pass / Fail -
Written Exam 20% 0 - 20
Interview Process 30% 0 - 30
Education 20% 0 - 20
Work Experience 20% 0 - 20
Military Experience 10% 0 - 10

  1) Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE)   

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The Department of Corrections requires that all applicants for security positions successfully complete a written reading comprehension and vocabulary examination. Applicants must receive a minimum score equivalent to the 12th grade reading level. Applicants meeting this criterion can move on to the next phase in the screening process. The TABE is used to establish a baseline for reading comprehension. No screening points are awarded for its successful completion.

  2) Written Examination (0-20)   

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This written examination consists of the viewing of a videotaped incident after which the applicant is required to answer 30 multiple choice questions regarding the video. This examination measures an individual's ability to observe and interpret information.

  3) Oral Interview Process (0-30)   

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Applicants are interviewed by a team of two(2) Department of Corrections officials using a standardized interview questionnaire. Applicants can receive 0, 3, or 6 points for each question on the questionnaire, for a total of 30 possible points.

  4) Educational Achievement (0-20)  

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Two screening points are awarded for every increment of 15 college level semester hours, or equivalent thereof, up to a maximum of sixteen (16) points. In addition, one (1) point will be awarded for an Associate Degree, two (2) points will be awarded for a Bachelor Degree, and four (4) points will be awarded for a Master's Degree. Documentation such as college transcripts, or diploma is required for awarding points.

  5) Work Experience (0-20)  

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Screening points are awarded for law enforcement, security, and corrections experience completed in good standing. One point is awarded for each documented one-year period, three (3) points for two years documented experience, and five (5) points for three or more years of documented experience.

Points may also be awarded for employment in jobs not directly related to law enforcement, security, or corrections. The factors of job stability, supervisory experience and promotions will be assessed, not to exceed five (5) points each for a maximum of fifteen (15) points.

  6) Military Service (0-10)  

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Points are awarded to any armed forces veteran, receiving discharges of Honorable or General Under Honorable Conditions. Documentation of Military Service is based on a review of all Certificates of Military Release of Discharge. To be eligible for military points, and in order to be considered for employment, an applicant must produce the long versions of all Military Discharges. The long version shall indicate years of service, character of service, and type of discharge. Military points are awarded as indicated by the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Non-Security Experience: Five (5) points for job stability if in the military for a period of three (3) years or longer; five (5) points for promotion if DD-214 reflects a rank of E-3 or above; and five (5) points for supervisory experience if applicant supervised at least one (1) person for a period of at least six (6) months.

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